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About Us

TAP VA Care Packages are free, gender-affirming clothing care packages. An extension of the Transgender Assistance Program, our mission is ending trans homelessness across Virginia. We know that ending homelessness must be approached at several angles. Providing clothing that trans people feel affirmed and confident in so they can thrive at home and in their workplace is an essential part of that effort.

Our closet re-branded in June 2022 to "Karen's Closet". Named after a beloved TAP Virginia volunteer who was dedicated to seeing the liberation of transgender lives.

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Is it really free?

Where do you get your clothing from?

All of our clothing is donated, with most of them coming from an incredible local business located in Norfolk, VA called Nomad's Clothing Exchange. Please be sure to check them out if you are ever in the area!

Do I have to be trans to order?

Yes, these clothing items are to support the trans community.

Do I have to live in Virginia?

Yes, we are only shipping to people in Virginia at this time.

How many items can I order?

We ask that you limit your order to 3 items, as that is typically how many can fit in a box. If you order a jacket or shoes, we may only be able to fit one more item in the box.

How many times can I order?

We ask that you limit your orders to twice a year!

I have a question or need a specific item.

Please reach out to us at! We would love to chat with you.

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